YaoYao - Jump Rope App

Posted by Haozes on July 1, 2017


Only movement can remove all sorts of doubts.

Why choose Jump Rope?

Choosing workout is personal; I choose a suitable but the best work out for me. Running is a good choice, but if there is no plastic track, or a pair of good running shoes, it may cause knee injuries. Plus, running is limited by the weather condition.

Jump Rope is a No-Excuse work out.

Jump rope is a very simple and economical aerobic workout. You can excise anytime, anywhere. It is also timesaving: Jump 20 minutes takes about the same energy as 30 minutes’ running.

YaoYao is designed for Apple Watch

Currently you can choose to run or ride, swim or other types of workout on Apple Watch, but not Jump rope. The most important thing of Jump rope is about counting. There is no Jump application available on Apple Watch, only some apps which you must hold while Jump. YaoYao is an Apple Watch app. It utilizes the Apple Watch motion sensor to calculate your Jump. YaoYao costs you no more than an ordinary Jump rope.

watch screen

Features of YaoYao

  • Voice tip On free and target model, you can set your Jump goals. You will hear a voice tip when completing the target.
  • Jump Record Every 100 times, App will voice broadcast the current count, so you do not need glance at the watch to check your Jump.
  • Exercise time record
  • Jump speed (BPM) record
  • Record the number of consecutive jumps App not only calculates your Jump speed, but also records the max Jump count by once.
  • Heart rate record
  • Calorie calculation
  • Sync with iOS Health Data YaoYao data stores in the Health Data, so in addition to managing records within the App, you can also manage iOS workout . ios screen

Currently, the app is priced at $ 0.99 and it can be downloaded from the App Store.