Posted by Haozes on May 26, 2020

1. No app found on Watch after installation

Normally, the Watch App will be installed on your watch after the mobile app is installed, but the watch may not be able to be installed instantly due to low battery or unstable network. 

Solution 1:Reboot

Reboot the iPhone and Watch.

Solution 2: Install from watch App Store

After watchOS 6, you can search: YaoYao from the App Store on apple watch to find the app installation.(No duplicate charges)

Solution 3: Reinstall

Be sure to keep workout records when uninstall, two options will pop up and please click “save” in the second pop-up.
Delete Warnning

2.Workout data cannot synced to the iPhone.

YaoYao’s workout data is stored in HealthKit, and your iPhone is synchronized with the Apple server. Normally, within a few minutes, the corresponding records will be available on your iPhone. In case they are not synced for a period of time, please follow these steps to check. Sync Problem

  1. Health->Avatar(upper right corner)->Devices,
  2. Delete the watch device that cannot be paired.

If it still doesn’t sync, you may need to re-pair your watch. In addition, the watch with too low a charge may also cause records to be out of sync.

3. App version updated on iOS, but not on Watch

Sometimes, the YaoYao iOS app version is updated to 2.0.1, but the watch version is only 2.0.0.

1. Check on the Watch App to see if YAOYAO is installed.
2. Check for updates from the App Store on your Watch.

Find the app store from the watch’s app dock and tap on “Account”->”Update”, update it manually. update from watch

4.The number of jump ropes counted is higher or lower than the actual number

If the error exceeds 50%.

1. Please reboot the watch.
2. Please check if the “double under” mode is checked, in double under mode, single shake will be reduced by half.

The normal error is in the 1% to 5% range, adjust the sensitivity if the error is smaller than the actual times. Turn up the sensitivity data. Otherwise, turn it down.

Sensitivity settings. Sentivity

5. Calorie data is inaccurate?

Firstly, YaoYao’s calorie data is calculated by watchOS, based on heart rate, exercise sensor strength, time, type of exercise, age, etc., and is not a completely linear result, normally around 600 total calories in an hour. Secondly, dynamic calories refer to calories burned during exercise and do not include base energy burned.

Total Calories burned = Active Calories Burned + Base Energy Burned

YaoYao shows active calories by default, and total calories are shown in the workout details. Not wearing the strap tightly can seriously affect the accuracy of the heart rate and calorie data, and it is recommended that you wear it tighter, since heart rate has the most impact on calories!

6.App Health Privacy Authorization (one of the reasons why workout data is not recorded on the phone)

on the watch

The first run of the App will require a health privacy authorization to read or write various types of motion data, which can be opened manually if ignored.

Check on the iPhone

health privacy

Check on the Watch

health privacy

7. Force quit YaoYao on watch to avoid rebooting watch.

Completely exit YaoYao on the watch (press and hold the long button on the bottom right side of the watch, wait for the “POWER OFF” to appear, then press and hold the top digital crown button)

Any other questions?

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