Send a voice to a friend on your watch with YaoYao!

Posted by Haozes on November 20, 2023


Design Reasons

YaoYao-Jump Rope App has a simple friend system, which is designed with the main goal of targeting your family members or close friends you know offline to follow each other’s workouts, or to give each other a like and encouragement when they’re done with their workout.

So you can’t simply add strangers as your friends in the leaderboard.

The new voice messaging feature is also designed for just such relationships.


Voice Message

Slide to the [Friends] list and tap your friend to send a voice message to your friend. Or you add a [voice message] complication to your watch , so you can quickly open it and send a message to the last contacted buddy. This is a little quicker than WeChat.


Automatic Speech-to-text

If you have your phone with you, it will collaborate with your phone to automatically convert the voice to text in real time and eventually send it together. This way you don’t have to worry about the text not being recognized correctly or the other person having to listen to the voice to know what the message is about.


Voice playback and Walkie-Talkie mode

By default, the other party can tap the play button in the notification to listen to the voice message after receiving your message.

After opening the walkie-talkie mode, the incoming voice will be played automatically, without the need to tap the notification. This function is very much like the feature of the walkie-talkie, and this is slightly different, it needs to always be in a state of connectivity, YaoYao’s walkie-talkie function, is more like voice message, but also can automatically play the sound.

If you need to block each other’s harassment, you can turn off notifications in the friend interface.



Download YaoYao from the App Store, or update the App to the latest version to experience this feature.